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Five Reasons to go with Quality Solar

Why Go Solar?

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“The sun provides more energy in one hour than all humanity uses, in all forms, in a single year. Sunlight can provide us with its own resolution to our energy problems” – David S. Findley

Savings - Lower electricity bills for the long term.
Sustainable green buildings lower operating and maintenance costs by $50 to $70 per square foot or about ten times lower costs associated with green buildings. Currently, solar system installations are at an all-time low. Now is a good time to reduce your building’s operating costs.
Security - Protection against rising electricity costs.

Solar enables you to insulate your business against the instability within the energy markets and against annual escalation rates. Fossil fuel’s nonrenewable nature often leads to market problems such as energy prices fluctuating sporadically. However, the sun is a sustainable and renewable source of energy, thus independence from the fuel market.
Current Energy Market Instability & Fostering a Renewable Source of Energy

Superior Marketability - How Solar affects your brand.
We are in an age of greater social conscientiousness towards environmentalism and people generally desire to support businesses that make a positive contribution to society. Build brand awareness, generate positive publicity, and promote sustainability practices come along with going solar. It shows that a business is committed to operational efficiency, and expresses a company is environmentally responsible.
Dependability - Uptime is of the utmost importance.
Solar components are very sturdy and made to withstand all elements. The majority of solar systems have no moving parts and therefore require low maintenance while being highly reliable, unlike standard utility electricity.
Financing - Some eligible purposes are as follows
  • The Purchase and installation of equipment
  • Construction and improvements
  • Energy audits
  • Permit fees
  • Professional service fees
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Retrofitting
  • Waste collections

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Applications for Commercial and Industrial

Peak Demand / Time of Use Charges

If your business runs multiple shifts and you find that charges are very high during certain times, you can likely offset that with solar.

Remote Electricity Supply

We have a number of off-grid products that can supply power to remote locations, such as solar trailers for charging and lighting, as well as solar powered monitoring stations.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal collects heat right from the sun and then delivers it a desirable temperature for commercial and industrial uses.


Whether it is your goal to maximize benefits or provide positive cash flow, we can help determine a financial package that delivers the financial results you desire.

In addition to federal incentives, each state may have its own renewable energy incentives.


There are a number of loan programs available where the customer can borrow some of all of the required capital.

PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing structure that provides funding for efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects. PACE programs help pay for the upfront costs of green initiatives, such as solar panels. Their goal – to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by offering affordable loans so owners can enjoy energy efficiency as well as clean the air.

Equipment Leasing

Solar systems qualify as equipment for leasing purposes and all related incentives. Not every business can utilize all the tax benefits of purchasing a solar system. In this case, an operating lease will allow the lessee to monetize the Investment Tax Credit and depreciation to enjoy lower monthly payments. In such situations, the monthly payments are also tax deductible.

  • Lease amounts: $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • Term: 7 years
  • Monthly payments: 100% deductible
  • Early buy-out option: Set price at close of 6th year
  • Purchase option: Greater than fair-market-value, or 20% at close of the 7th year
  • No up-front capital costs
  • No drain on cash flow

In order to qualify for leasing under the IRS, the following must be met:

  • Transfer of ownership only after maturity of the lease
  • No special “bargain” purchase price option
  • At the end of the lease the asset must still have 20% of its originally estimated life left
  • Lessor must retain at least 20% of asset’s value through lease term


Accelerated depreciation

Under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) of 1986, solar equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period of 5 years. Only 85% of the project’s value depreciates, or half of the ITC.

MACRS is a vital tool for businesses to recoup costs over a property’s operation. It allows companies to subtract over five years of tax liability and boosts the rate of return on a solar investment.

In 2010 bonus depreciation was added to incentivize capital investment further. This perk enables companies to depreciate solar equipment by 50% the first year and then further depreciate under MACRS. This 50% bonus is good until 2018, then drops to 40% in 2019, 30% in 2020, and then ends.


Renewable Energy for America Program – REAP grants are part of the Energy Title of the 2014 USDA Farm Bill and It provides grant and loan guarantees to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to help purchase renewable energy systems. It also supports energy efficiency improvements and beneficial studies for renewable energy. For qualifying businesses, a REAP grant can be sought from the United States Department of Agriculture. If approved, 25% of the project cost is settled by the grant.

Investment tax credit

Federal tax credit of 30% of total project cost with no cap on the amount a company can claim. The ITC may also be rolled forward into the following tax year if it cannot be used in the current year.

These examples are for educational purposes only. Quality Solar advises you to speak to an accountant regarding how incentives apply to you.

One Company…One Decision…One Comprehensive Energy Solution.


We specialize in solar panel installation for residents so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.


A solar array does wonders for your farm which requires a lot of energy for daily operation. With solar, you can manage your farm to be more functional with sustaingable green energy that is also exceptionally dependable. 


The reliability of solar for commercial energy warrants the smart investment. Solar will remove the  risk factor from less reliable energy and also protect your operting expenses against soaring rate increases from the utilities.

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