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Bob Randolph

Bob Randolph

V.P. of Operations

Bob Randolph is a Michigan native and a pioneering figure in the renewable energy sector for over 30 years. He is married with two children and has a passion for Veterans.

About Quality Solar

Welcome to Quality Solar. One Company…One Decision…One Comprehensive Energy Solution. It is our desire to see everyone benefit from using solar power. To capture these benefits requires knowledge and we would like the opportunity to equip you with the facts to make an informed decision about solar.

Quality Solar offers a full turnkey solar energy solution for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial needs. We take pride in providing quality service from project conception to project commission and encourage all to exercise stewardship through renewable energy.

Quality Solar distinguishes itself by:

• Educating customers to make good decisions
• Taking a holistic approach to a client’s energy solution
• Identifying potential energy reduction measures
• Drawing upon the expertise of Partners in other related trades
• Designing a tailor-made solar energy solution for each customer
• Maintaining customer communication from project conception to commission

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Strategic Business Partners

When our comprehensive energy solutions require additional expertise, Quality Solar utilizes one of its Strategic Partners.

Financing Partners

Quality Solar is pleased to have numerous financing partners to meet every customer’s unique financing needs.


Quality Solar uses a range of quality products to ensure the best system for each individual customer’s needs.




Fossil fuels are finite and causes harm to the environment, where solar power can help alleviate our global pollution concerns. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports the average American exhausts 16,000lbs of carbon dioxide every year through energy use – the equivalent of destroying 24 trees for each home.

A solar system reduces 35,000lbs of carbon gas emissions each year, which is comparable to planting 88 trees.

We need to get serious about limiting our carbon footprint. Something as simple as turning down the heating by 2 degrees can reduce CO2 emissions by 406 lbs, or $31 of fuel energy. Even spending one less minute showering can lower carbon emissions by 23 lbs of gas. It is clear installing home solar systems make a difference to our planet and not just the wallet.

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One Company…One Decision…One Comprehensive Energy Solution.


We specialize in solar panel installation for residents so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.


A solar array does wonders for your farm which requires a lot of energy for daily operation. With solar, you can manage your farm to be more functional with sustaingable green energy that is also exceptionally dependable. 


The reliability of solar for commercial energy warrants the smart investment. Solar will remove the  risk factor from less reliable energy and also protect your operting expenses against soaring rate increases from the utilities.

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