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Just a quick note to thank you for the installation of our roof solar panels. Even in low light, they produce an excess of electricity for our home. The MyEnlighen application is so cool that I’ve posted it on Facebook along with pictures of my roof. Your install team was professional and the small problem I had was quickly fixed by you and your team. The only frustration was with a slow response from Consumers Energy in finalizing the generation agreement but that is not in your control.

Your totally satisfied customer,


Bob G.


We had Quality Solar install a large solar array on our property. We are impressed with their attention to detail and the way they worked with us to make sure we were satisfied all the way through. We felt that they were very honest and straight forward about the whole process; they were available to answer our questions and stuck with us until the installation and hookup was complete.




Quality Solar LLC as a whole is a personable company to do business with. All of the people we met with were professional and courteous. From sales to install to hook-up, they were a pleasure to work with.


Kevin B.


“Quality Solar LLC. The staff and installation crew were very professional and courteous. They completed everything timely and as promised.
I priced the job with others and found Quality Solar to be very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.”


-B. Martin


“Our entire experience with Quality Solar has been nothing short of exemplar. Bob Randolph, V.P. of Operations, is extremely knowledgeable, straight forward and honest with the presentation of their proposal without the usual high pressure sales approach experienced with other solar companies. Our home is heated and cooled with a geothermal system, and although we do not have a fuel bill, our electric bill is over $300 a month which, with the cost of electricity continually going up, our monthly cost only continues to escalate as well. For this reason, we had been considering the prospect of adding a solar system to our home. We feel that it is of utmost importance, whenever possible, to utilize businesses that are locally based. Quality Solar, located in St. Johns, not only met that requirement, but all of their business partners, such as Speer Electric in Dewitt and Pohl Oil & Propane in Westphalia are all within a stone’s throw of our location.

We have found that each of these companies, dealing with the complexities of a solar system, are experienced and exceptionally competent. Quality Solar has a high expectation of perfectionism from not only their own staff, but they ultimately surround themselves with companies who have the same type of business ethics and mindset of dedication toward their customers.

If you are looking for a solar company with a dedicated staff; who are totally committed to listening and ultimately meeting all of their customers’ needs as well as their complete satisfaction; a company who pays attention and takes care of all of the many unseen details; one who will ultimately walk you through every step of the way, and go completely out of their way to make certain that all of your needs are met, without any reservation, we would completely endorse and recommend Quality Solar – an outstanding company for today and the future.”

Your totally satisfied customer,


Mary Lou P.


1-2-3 Approach

First, our consultative approach. Quality solar does not try to put every customer into a “cookie cutter” solar system; rather we endeavor to get to know our clients and determine their energy needs and their desires.

Second, our holistic energy approach. We do due diligence for our clients by taking into consideration all factors that may affect their energy usage. We will identify all possible energy usage reduction measures before designing and commissioning a system. Our approach reduces project costs and monthly bills.

Third, thanks to our Strategic Business Partners in other related fields we have a unique range of expertise to draw upon and utilize, enabling us to efficiently achieve our goals.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock The Power Of The Sun. Say Goodbye to the OLD You

We provide our clients with peace of mind through our system monitoring and maintenance. Our full range of services is available to owners of existing systems as well. With a Quality Solar system or service, you will be in good hands for the life of your system!





Your farm requires a lot of energy to keep running. With solar, you can keep your farm running smooth and efficient with superior solar dependability.


Your farm requires a lot of energy to keep running. With solar, you can keep your farm running smooth and efficient with superior solar dependability.


Our solution for industrial electricity needs will insulate profit margins against utility escalations, while providing a clean and sustainable source of energy.

Career Advice

The efficiency of solar for commercial energy is an optimal investment that reduces the financial risks from the standard energy market securing a competitive edge.

What We Offer.

Quality Solar designs and installs solar systems for every type of need. Not only do we design and install, but we also provide maintenance and service or consultation for other projects. The Quality Solar approach enables us to provide the customer with the best overall service through One Business; by making One Decision and providing One Comprehensive Energy Solution. 

Savings - Lower electricity bills for the long term.

Sustainable green buildings lower operating and maintenance costs by $50 to $70 per square foot or about ten times lower costs associated with green buildings. Currently, solar system installations are at an all-time low. Now is a good time to reduce your building’s operating costs.

Security - Protection against rising electricity costs

Solar enables you to insulate your business against the instability within the energy markets and against annual escalation rates. Fossil fuel’s nonrenewable nature often leads to market problems such as energy prices fluctuating sporadically. However, the sun is a sustainable and renewable source of energy, thus independence from the fuel market.
Current Energy Market Instability & Fostering a Renewable Source of Energy.

Superior Marketability - How Solar affects your brand.

We are in an age of greater social conscientiousness towards environmentalism and people generally desire to support businesses that make a positive contribution to society. Build brand awareness, generate positive publicity, and promote sustainability practices come along with going solar. It shows that a business is committed to operational efficiency, and expresses a company is environmentally responsible.

Dependability - Uptime is of the utmost importance.

Solar components are very sturdy and made to withstand all elements. The majority of solar systems have no moving parts and therefore require low maintenance while being highly reliable, unlike standard utility electricity.

One Company…

One Decision…

One  Energy Solution.


We specialize in solar panel installation for residents so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.


A solar array does wonders for your farm which requires a lot of energy for daily operation. With solar, you can manage your farm to be more functional with sustainable green energy that is also exceptionally dependable.


The reliability of solar for commercial energy warrants the smart investment. Solar will remove the  risk factor from less reliable energy and also protect your operting expenses against soaring rate increases from the utilities.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Whether it is your home, business, or farm, you likely use a lot of electricity. Solar technology is readily adaptable to every electrical need.

We specialize in designing a tailor-made energy solution for each customer. Through educating our clients on the benefits of solar, both financially and environmentally, we empower them to make the best decision possible regarding their specific energy needs.