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Solar Benefits

Whether it is your goal to maximize benefits or provide positive cash flow, we can help determine a financial package that delivers the financial results you desire.

Solar Security

You Can Own Your Own Solar System for $0 Down and a Lower Monthly Payment than you Pay to Your Utility Company


Solar Incentives

In addition to federal incentives, each state may have its own renewable energy incentives.


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If you have any questions, feel free to contact our trained staff. We will be happy to help!

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Feel Like It’s Time For a Change?

Quality Solar is Michigan’s Preferred Solar Panel Installer. We specialize in solar panel installation for agriculture uses so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.


Your farm requires a lot of energy to keep running and solar energy can help cut costs. With solar energy, you can keep your farm running efficiently with the dependability that renewable energy from the sun provides.

Accelerated Depreciation

Under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) of 1986, solar equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period of 5 years. Only 85% of the project’s value depreciates, or half of the ITC.

MACRS is a vital tool for businesses to recoup costs over a property’s operation. It allows companies to subtract over five years of tax liability and boosts the rate of return on a solar investment.

In 2010 bonus depreciation was added to incentivize capital investment further. This perk enables companies to depreciate solar equipment by 50% the first year and then further depreciate under MACRS. This 50% bonus is good until 2018, then drops to 40% in 2019, 30% in 2020, and then ends


Renewable Energy for America Program – REAP grants are part of the Energy Title of the 2014 USDA Farm Bill and It provides grant and loan guarantees to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to help purchase renewable energy systems. It also supports energy efficiency improvements and beneficial studies for renewable energy. For qualifying businesses, a REAP grant can be sought from the United States Department of Agriculture. If approved, 25% of the project cost is settled by the grant.

Investment Tax Credit

Federal tax credit of 30% of total project cost with no cap on the amount a company can claim. The ITC may also be rolled forward into the following tax year if it cannot be used in the current year.

How Do I know If Going Solar is Right For Me?

Quality Solar considers the primary customer service to be that of education. Once our customers understand solar as it is applied to their unique situation, they can then make a wise decision to go forward. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will respond within two business hours.

A solar array does wonders for your farm which requires a lot of energy for daily operation. With solar energy, you can manage your farm to be more functional with sustainable green, renewable energy that is also exceptionally dependable.
Savings - Lower electricity bills for the long term.

In addition to a lower electricity bill, you are also reducing your farm’s operating costs overall. With access to an abundance of solar coverage, the energy savings is hugely impactful. Along with the release of electric-powered farm equipment, you can finally say goodbye to the high cost of standard fuel.

Security - Protection against rising electricity costs.

Solar enables you to insulate your farm business against the instability within the energy markets and against annual escalation rates. Going solar helps your farm lock in on utility rates.

Superior Dependability - To keep operations running 24/7.

Solar components are very sturdy and made to withstand all elements. The majority of solar systems have no moving parts and therefore require low maintenance while being highly reliable, unlike standard utility electricity.

Sustainability - Clean, sustainable energy.

Clean, sustainable energy saves money while saving the environment. Going Solar is one more step to becoming self-sufficient, a dream of many farmers.


0-Down Financing.

Long-term Financing Available.

Farm Credit – Institution that provides lending options and favorable farm loans.

Greenstone – Financial lenders for America’s rural and farming residents. They offer short and long-term leasing and loans.

PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing structure that provides funding for efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects. PACE programs help pay for the upfront costs of green initiatives, such as solar panels. Their goal – to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by offering affordable loans so owners can enjoy energy efficiency as well as clean the air.

Agriculture Applications 

Space and Water Heating

The high energy costs to maintain farming operations can be significantly offset by solar. Up to 40% of a dairy farm’s energy costs come from heating water and cooling milk. Air needs to be recirculated and heated in enclosed buildings that house pigs and poultry.


Water Pumping

Where there are no power lines, solar power is a viable manner to pump water. Significant amounts of heated water are used to clean equipment on commercial dairy farms.

Remote Electric Supply

Often there are needs for electricity in remote locations where it is not cost effective to run power lines. Solar can power these requirements or store energy in a battery.


Crop and Grain Drying

LP gas drying methods cannot compare with the cost of drying through free renewable energy. Solar dryers protect profit against volatility in the gas markets.

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