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Solar Benefits

Solar Benefits

When you go solar you will receive benefits from government incentives because of your efforts towards boosting the energy independence of the United States.

Solar Security

Solar Security

With a solar system you will essentially lock-in your energy rate at a considerably lower rate than you now pay your utility provider.

Solar Safety

Solar Safety

You can own your own solar system for $0 down and for a lower monthly payment than you pay to your utility company

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Helping You Find A Successful Solar Panel Solution

Feel Like It’s Time For a Change?

Quality Solar is Michigan’s preferred solar panel installer. We specialize in solar panel installation for residences, so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.

Use the sun to benefit you financially by choosing a renewable energy source.

Tired of paying huge electric bills every month?

Going solar is guaranteed to reduce or potentially eliminate your entire electric bill.

Looking for more financial stability?

Earn a great return on your investment while protecting yourself from ever increasing energy costs.

A good choice for everyone.

Increase your property value and help your local economy.

Money is not the only thing you will be saving.

By going solar, you will be protecting the environment by reducing pollution and helping to promote the green energy initiative.


How Do I know If Going Solar is Right For Me?

At Quality Solar, we consider our primary customer service to be education. Once our customers understand solar as it is applied to their unique situation, they can then make the wise decision to go forward. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will respond within two business hours.


Geothermal pumps use a lot of electricity, especially older and less efficient systems. Solar can nicely offset this cost. We are experts in diagnosing geosystems and designing solar to offset specific loads.

Remote Electric Supply

Whether you're pumping water for decorative ponds or needing electricity to heat water for pools or hot tubs, solar is often more cost effective than running service to those areas.

Carports / Barns

Carports, barns, canopies, and garages often have ample unused roof space with little to no shade, making them prime areas for solar arrays.

Common Misconceptions

You Can’t Save Money Going Solar

Solar brings great potential to save money on your monthly utility bill. The monthly amount of a typical solar setup is less than an average utility bill. With utility costs trending upward, solar is likely to remain a good money-saving option for years to come.

Solar Panels are too Expensive

The cost of a solar panel is actually less than purchasing electricity through a utility company, On top of that, we offer $0 down financing!

Solar Will Lower the Value of Your Home

Equipping a solar energy system will actually increase your home’s value. We have noticed that solar panels are upgrades, just like finishing a basement, and home buyers across the country paying a premium for homes with solar array installations.

Solar Doesn’t Work in Certain Climates

The only thing needed to generate electricity from solar systems is — sunshine! Even in the winter there is still an ample amount of solar energy to power the average American home. On top of that, conductivity increases in colder weather! Solar systems in Alaska are perfectly viable!

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