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2017 Agro Expo

This show will be held at Liquid Ag, 5605 North Findlay Road, in St. Johns on August 15-16. Quality Solar will be there to educate the agricultural community on the benefits of sustainable energy as it pertains to the farm and related industries. We will have on...

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Michigan Utilities Raise Electricity Rates

Both Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison (DTE) have announced new electricity rate hikes. on September 2, 2016, Consumers raised its rates 4.2% (https://mitechnews.com/update/consumers-energy-customer-rates-see-4-2-percent-increase/), which is only .3% less than its...

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Solar 101 – The Facts

Solar Facts Solar energy refers to energy directly from the sun, which has been burning for billions of years. Solar energy is vastly abundant and it does not produce any pollutants. The sun in our solar system is so strong, it takes only 10 minutes for light waves to...

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How Solar Panels Work

How It Works Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems work by converting sunlight directly into electricity using an array of installed solar modules (panels). An inverter converts the voltage into a usable alternating current, which feeds into the primary electrical cabinet...

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